Garage Storage and Organization Ideas

When it comes to your garage, do you find yourself overwhelmed just thinking about it? A garage’s primary function is to house vehicles; however, only about one in four Americans can actually fit their vehicle in their garage. A garage can be a point of contention amongst homeowners and many find the space to be so disorganized and cluttered that they are embarrassed by the space completely. If you are ready to get your garage in order, we have provided some garage storage and organization ideas below.

Garage Storage and Organization

If you are not satisfied with your garage, you are not alone. Only around 11% of homeowners say they’re satisfied with their garage and wouldn’t want to improve it (Wall Street Journal survey). Another study found that the garage was the most cluttered space in a home. In a survey conducted by the National Association of Professional Organizers it was found that 50% of homeowners named the garage as the most disorganized area of their house. As we said, if you feel like your garage is in need of some organization, you are not the only one.

Because the garage is often out of sight and out of mind, it is easy for it to become the storage space and dumping ground for things that you don’t want in your Southern California home. Whether you are concerned about making space to park a vehicle, or are just over the inefficiency and disorder, there are things you can do to make the space more functional.

  1. Define what you want the space to be used for. It’s completely normal and okay if you don’t intend to use your garage to store a vehicle; however, before you get starting on making a game plan for the space, you should have a clear idea of what you do want to use it for. Will it be used for storage (i.e. for tools, lawn items, etc.), as a work space, as an additional room in your home, for multiple uses, etc. The possibilities are endless; however, to start with garage storage and organization you need a well-defined plan for the use of the space.
  2. Create a floor plan and pair like items together. Note the garage’s dimensions and take down the size and location of windows, doors, switches, and receptacles, as well as how much space your vehicle, and other items you intend to house in the space, take up. Think about items that are used together, keep them together: lawn chemicals and tools, household tools, bikes and bike equipment, etc. If you have items that are rarely or seasonally used, those can be paired together as well.
  3. Keep things off the floor. Having items on your garage floor can make the space look more cluttered and smaller than it truly is. Try to avoid having items laying around on the ground. Add shelving or cabinets to house all items to create additional space below the area. Think about adding rollout shelving to help make the space more usable. Pullout shelving in a garage can be especially helpful when storing tools and other items that you want to be able to easily locate without having to dig around.
  4. Utilize the overhead space. When you are in your garage and you look up, there is usually a lot of unused space. Take advantage of that. The garage ceiling can be a great location to hang and store items that you don’t use on a regular basis. If you have the space, and it won’t interfere with your garage door, why not use it?
  5. Add additional lighting. Many times garages are underused or used just for storage, because they are dark, without windows, and seem uninviting. This can easily make them an unwelcoming space. By adding additional and bright lighting to your garage, you can really open up the space and make it more appealing. Something as simple as lighting, may give you enough motivation to really embrace the space.
  6. Keep it clean. When it comes to garage storage and organization, it is easy to fall back into old habits. One of the best ways to keep the space clutter free, is to do just that, keep it clean. Once you have invested the time and effort in organizing and decluttering the space, don’t start filling it up again or just throwing things in places they do not belong because you don’t want to take the time to find the proper home for them.

Garage storage and organization is essential to you and your family being able to use this additional area of your home and you not being embarrassed when your neighbors walk by and can get a peek inside.

One of the best ways to get and keep your Southern California garage and home organized, is to invest in custom rollout shelving. Rollout shelves are rolling or sliding shelves that help to enhance your storage space. Rollout shelves literally rollout, so you can reach the items in the back of any area. These space savers enhance usability and help to maximize space, in even the smallest of places. This gives you extra storage space and allows accessibility to the back of a cabinet or cupboard and can make your garage the talk of the neighborhood, in a good way.

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