Spruce up your Closet | Closet Storage Tips

Everyone wants to have a closet that is organized, has your items easy to find, and maybe even displays some of your special pieces; however, the reality is, most closets are not something you want to show off to you friends. In fact, many people close the door and hide their closet, because of the lack of space, disorganization, or for another reason. Your closet should make your life easier, so if it doesn’t, it may be time to spruce it up. Let’s dive into some closet storage tips so you aren’t left wondering where that one article of clothing that you need for the day, went, stuck ironing the wrinkles out of the thing in the corner, and are not rushing to close the door before someone gets a peek inside.

Closet Storage Tips

Whether you have a really small closet that just never seems to have enough space or you have an extremely large closet, raise your hand if you feel like your closet is organized enough. As we have reviewed before, it’s estimated that only 20% of the things that people own are actually used. This becomes especially alarming when you think about your Southern California closet.

57% of women believe that a closet that’s organized, makes it easier and quicker to find what they need, and 10% of women say they feel depressed every time they open their closet doors. If you are in that 10% or are struggling to find things in your closet, it is probably time to spruce up your closet. With organization and the right shelving, you can make even the smallest closet one that provides you with enough space and that you are proud of.

Check out some of our closet storage tips.

  1. Get rid of items you won’t wear. Step one of any closet organization should be getting rid of the things you don’t need, won’t wear, don’t fit, are outdated, etc. Around 60% of people say they plan to get rid of outdated clothing in the next year, but how many really do? A fun trick is turning your hangers all one way and then when you wear an item, flipping them the opposite way. If after a few months you notice things that are still facing the original direction, it may be time to get rid of them.
  2. Have different levels of vertical space. Closet storage and organization is all about maximizing the space and being able to see all of your belongings, making them easier to find. Different articles of clothing hang at different levels, so you need to account for that. Rather than folding dresses over on themselves or letting them puddle on the floor, plan for an array of differently-sized hanging spaces. This will ensure that everything stays tidier, plus you’ll have dedicated areas for all of your different items.
  3. Relocate out of season items and/or keep seasonal items easy to access. If you have space to pack your out of season garments and move them out of the closet, you should. If you don’t have the space, move the in season items to the lower and more reachable areas of the space, and put out of season items on higher shelves and harder to reach spaces. If you don’t have a ton of extra room for storage in your home, consider having pullout shelving installed under your bed, to make the space usable for both off and on season clothing.
  4. Use all of the space. You should maximize every inch of your closet space. Look around for unused areas and find a purpose for them. You can use extra wall space for smaller items like jewelry, hats, ties, belts, etc. Don’t forget about the back of the door. If you have a door where you can use an over-the-door organizer, use one. This can be a great solution for shoes or hard to fold items.
  5. Label things. If you have items in baskets or drawers, embrace labeling them, so they are easier to find. A little labeling can make everything in your closet simpler to find. If you have items in baskets or containers, in hard to reach places, a label can save you a lot of time when you are in search of that item.
  6. Customize the space. It’s your closet so you should design it with you in mind. If the closet was already there, it probably wasn’t created perfect for you, but you have the opportunity to put your own spin on it. Consider installing custom rollout shelving, additional hanging areas, etc. Custom built rollout shelves allow fast, easy access to your items when you need them, and how you want them. If you are shorter, it may make sense to have things lower, if you are taller, having things higher up may be the solution for you. Your closet should be yours and should be designed to be the most usable space possible, regardless of size.

You should love your closet and should definitely be using more than 20% of the things that you own. The above closet storage tips should help you to begin loving the space again, so you can get back to worrying about the things that matter, and not spending any more time searching for misplaced items.

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