What is Rollout Shelving?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to storage solutions for your Southern California home. When it comes to selecting a storage option that is convenient and best suited for you and your family, it is important to remember that your cabinet shelves were not designed with you in mind. Rollout shelving could be just the solution you were looking for to transform your home. Rollouts offer a solution for those hard to reach, messy and unused areas, forgotten items, or other things way in the back of the shelf. We are going to review what rollout shelving is to help you determine if these game changers are right for you home.

Why is Organization and Storage Important?

There are plenty of reasons why clutter and disorganization can become a major problem in any home. A lack of free time to clean, ineffective organization and storage systems, inadequate space, and poor organization habits are contributing factors. We are on the go all the time, and sometimes it is easier to just buy something new, than to actually search the back of a cabinet or drawer for something we know we once had.

If you feel like your home is disorganized and you don’t have enough usable space to easily store your belongings, you are not alone. It’s estimated that only 20% of the things that people own are actually used (LexisNexis). It has also been found that Americans waste more than nine million hours each day looking for lost and misplaced items (Ottawa Citizen). 47% of Americans say that worrying about their home being clean or organized happens at least once a month, and it is the 5th most common stress trigger for Americans. As we said, if your home’s organization is at the top of your mind, you are not the only one.

What is Rollout Shelving?

Whether it’s your garage, kitchen, home office, closet, or some other area of your Southern California home that is in need of some decluttering and organization, rollout shelving could be just the solution you are looking for.

Rollout shelves are rolling or sliding shelves that help to enhance your storage space. Rollout shelves literally rollout, so you can reach the items in the back of any area. These space savers enhance usability and help to maximize space, in even the smallest of places. Rollout shelves, sometimes called pullout or glide-out shelves, are shelves that can be moved forward (on their rails) to allow each shelf to extend the cabinet. This gives you extra storage space and allows accessibility to the back of a cabinet or cupboard.

Think of these shelves as working like a drawer. Because rollout shelves are designed to move, there will usually be a lip or edge around the perimeter of the shelf to keep things from sliding off.

How Can Rollout Shelving Help with Organization?

Rollout shelving can help you find your belongings in no time, simply by pulling out your full extension rollout shelf. Whether it is storing rarely used appliances or pots and pans way in the back, simply pulling out the rollout shelf allows you easy and quick access to previously hard-to-reach items. No longer will you need to get on your hands and knees to remove everything from the cabinet shelf to retrieve an item in the back.

If an item is easy to reach and use, you’re more likely to use it. Think about how many times you have left something out on the counter just because you know you will need it again and it’s a hassle to get it out. Have you ever skipped using a particular tool or ingredient because you didn’t want to dig it out? When your storage is convenient, you will get more, from not only the storage solution, but from your other items as well.

At Rollouts Quick, Inc. we manufacture and install rollout solutions that are suited for every room in your home. Our rollouts are customized to create more organized and useable space for your specific needs. Your entire cabinet can be easily accessible. You will love the soft-close touch of Blum hardware guides. No matter how hard you “slam” them, BluMotion allows for a soft and effortless close. These special guides fully extend to allow for maximum access.

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