Small Kitchen Organization Tips

No two kitchens are the same, and not everyone can have a gigantic kitchen with tons of storage space and options. If you are working with a small kitchen space, you know that every single inch has to count, and often serves dual purposes. Having a small kitchen can not only limit your cooking and entertaining space, it can create storage and organization challenges for you as well. Let’s review some small kitchen organization tips to help you make the most of your space, so you can love your kitchen, regardless what size it is.

Small Kitchen Organization Tips

When it comes to reorganizing any space in your Southern California home, just the thought of it can be overwhelming. It’s a good idea to start with one area at time, and focus on the high pain points first. You can make your small kitchen seem larger by following the below tips.

  • Install Rollout Shelving: If you are working with the space you have, having rollout shelving installed can be a great solution to help you get organized. Rollouts can be installed into the existing shelving you have, or you can have custom designed pullout shelving to fit in even the smallest of spaces. Rollout shelving allows you to reach and utilize even the hardest to reach places, which will help you keep your kitchen organized.
  • Don’t Over Pack Your Shelves or Drawers: If you don’t have rollout shelving, over packing your shelves can cause you to forget about the items in the back. Try to stay organized and keep like items together, so even if you can’t see them easily, you would know where to find something if you were looking for it. Another great way to keep your shelves less full, is to condense what you can. Think about combining items like tea bags, crackers sleeves, spices, etc. Anything that you have multiple of and are keeping in individual boxes and containers that take up space, are doing exactly that, taking up valuable limited space.
  • Keep Items on Display: When it comes to small kitchen organization tips, you don’t just have to focus on hiding things away. If you have wall space, use it. By hanging pots and pans, displaying your unique tea kettle, keeping spices and other ingredients in clear canisters and containers, you can add personality to your kitchen, all while organizing the space. Try to add shelving or hooks where space allows, to keep things off your counters.
  • Make the Most of your Drawers: You don’t just have to focus on cabinets for storage, if you have drawers in your kitchen, use them to the best of their ability. Use drawer organizers to keep silverware and other items in easy to find sections. Find ways to make your drawers work for you. Carve out spaces to hold your most-used utensils, baking supplies and spices. If you are into making pizzas (perhaps a weekly pizza night), maybe dedicate a drawer in your kitchen for all of the spices, utensils, etc. that you will use in that process.
  • Store Pans Sideways: When it comes to pots and pans, it can be extremely frustrating if you have them stacked on top of each other and have to constantly move the entire stack, to get to the one that you need. If space allows, store pots, pans, cutting boards, lids, baking sheets, etc. on their sides. This will not only help to keep them organized, it will save you the hassle of having to dig through them all each time you cook.
  • Use the Top of Your Fridge and Oven: If you are looking for as much space as you can find in your small kitchen, your oven and top of your fridge are there just waiting to be used for storage and organization. Let’s be honest, your oven isn’t being used the majority of the day, so why not use it to store baking sheets, muffin tins, etc.? Also, don’t forget about that empty space above your fridge. If you have enough room, add some baskets for snack items, and other things that you can’t find a home for in your kitchen.

When it comes to organizing your home, keep your personality and the items that you most frequently use in mind. The key to staying organized, is putting things in places that you will know they are and keeping highly used items easily accessible.

While the small kitchen organization tips we provided above may help you better arrange and utilize your space, rollout shelving can be a permanent solution for your limited space and help keep your kitchen organized and fully functional.

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