Toy Storage Ideas | New Year Clean up

It’s that time of the year where you probably find your home with more toys than you had just a few weeks prior. If you have kids, you likely have toys taking over your home, or at least some part of it. There is no doubt that toys can take up a lot of space. Even if your household is good at putting toys away each day and after every use, it may seem like a losing battle, and you may find yourself constantly trying to find a new place in your home to tuck something away in. When it comes to the New Year, if your goal is to manage your home’s toy situation better, check out our toy storage ideas below.

How Many Toys Does the Average Household Have?

If you find yourself staring at your children’s toys and thinking, “How do they have this many toys?”; you are not alone. A study by the Toy Industry Association (TIA) found that the average American child has over 70 toys, with many having 100 and 200 toys. This can mean a lot of items to find a home for to keep your home organized.

When it comes to toys, sometimes they are not just for playing, they may have sentimental value as well. It’s not just the children who have toys; the study also found that nearly six in 10 parents say they still have toys that were handed down to them or passed through generations. Those collectable items also need a place to take residence.  

What Are Some Toy Storage Ideas?

Regardless if you are trying to find a home for your old collectable toys, or simply just trying to organize your children’s favorite play things, all hope should not be lost. Below we provide some toy storage ideas, because it is possible to have kids and still have a tidy house.

  • Utilize furniture that can also be used as storage. When it comes to your home, when anything serves a dual purpose, it is helpful. Think about adding ottomans or benches that open up and can store toys and games away and out of sight. Coffee or end tables with baskets under them or shelving, can also be a great addition to any space. Not only will this furniture help you hide away the toys, it will also be used for its main purpose.
  • Embrace baskets. When you don’t have room to tuck everything away, baskets can be a great solution to house the items and they can easily be transported to other areas of the home. This not only helps to organize the space, it can also create a convenient toy bin on the go. If you are going to keep the baskets out in your living space, pick options that fit in with your décor, so they blend in and go unnoticed, making the space feel less cluttered.
  • Put the toys on the go. Carts or shelves with wheels are handy for storing toys and wheeling them out of sight when you’re done with them. If you have baskets for toy storage, a cart can make for a great way to transport the items. Try to purchase a cart that can fit in smaller spaces, so you can hide it when needed. Kids like to play on the go and if you need to keep an eye on them while you are moving from room to room, a cart is a great way to ensure they have their beloved toys every step of the way.
  • Use crates and tubs for stacking. Both open crates and closed plastic tubs can be very useful for toy storage. These items are usually stackable, meaning they will take up less space, and you can get really organized and label them and keep items of their kind together. If using crates and cubbies, you may keep them out to add to the aesthetic of a space. If you want the toys out of sight, storage tubs provide a great solution for that and can go in a closet, or other hidden spaces in your home, where your children can locate them and use them as needed.
  • Monsters aren’t the only things that go under the bed. When it comes to under the bed space, people often either completely forget all about it, or use it to hide things that they will never use. Utilize the space under your children’s beds for their toys. You can store those plastic storage tubs we mentioned above under the bed, and cover them with a bed skirt, you could also have rollout shelving installed to make even the very back corner space under the bed, useful.  
  • Add rollout shelving to your home to make all spaces more usable. There are bound to be areas around your home that are unused or underused, like we mentioned with the under the bed space above. Rollout shelving can provide a solution. Think about adding pullout shelving under your stairs, in closets, to existing or new shelves in your dedicated playroom (if you have one), or really anywhere where you have shelves or idle space in your home. Rollout shelving makes it easy to utilize the full space of a cabinet or shelving by pulling out and allowing you and your children to see all items. When your children are done with their toys, the shelves can simply be pushed back and closed, keeping them out of sight and out of mind.

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Start the New Year off right by not only finding new solutions for storing toys, but by reorganizing your entire home. Slide out shelving is the one of the best choices you can make to help you keep your home organized this year and beyond.  

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