What are Soft Close Drawers and Cabinets and Why do You Need Them?

Has anyone in your household ever injured themselves by closing a finger in a drawer or cabinet? Do you have a door slammer in your home? If you answered, “Yes”, to either of these questions, soft close drawers and cabinets could really transform your home. There are certain things that we use every day, like an ice makers, over hood oven fans, air fryers, SMART technology, etc. that we often wonder how we got along without them. Well, the same can be said about soft close drawers and cabinets. We are going to review what soft close drawers and cabinets are and why you need them in your home.

What Does Soft Close Mean?

We can keep this explanation pretty simple, as soft close is basically self-explanatory. Soft close is controlled by the hinge and slide systems of drawers and cabinets. Soft close creates a system where once a door/drawer is pushed to close, a mechanism slows the momentum of the door/drawer, closing it gently and quietly. This system is beneficial in reducing slamming doors, injuries to children (and adults), and wear and tear on the cupboard and drawer. Basically, soft close means that your drawers and doors will close more gently and quietly (AKA softly).

What are the Benefits of Soft Close Drawers and Cabinets?

As we mentioned above, if your drawers/doors are soft close, you reduce the risk of injury from having a body part closed in something, there is less noise as people are opening and closing things around your home, and the longevity of your cabinets and drawers is extended. We further review some of the benefits of soft close drawers and cabinets below.

  • Safety: You know what they say, “Safety first”. Let’s be honest, nothing can make you feel more horrible than accidentally slamming your children’s fingers in a kitchen drawer. As drawers quickly shut, little fingers, and the occasional big ones, can get hurt. When items around your home are soft close, you reduce the risk of these unpleasant accidents and it can bring you peace of mind.
  • Noise Reduction: Being woken up by something slamming, can be unpleasant, not to mention, if you wake up a toddler who you just got to sleep. Doors and drawers with soft close cannot be slammed shut, ensuring they close gently and silently every time. Having soft close drawers and cabinets can eliminate unnecessary background noise.
  • Less Maintenance: Each time a drawer or cabinet is closed quickly and with some force, you give the frame of the cabinet/drawer a beating. Drawers/doors with soft close tend to last longer, because the gentle close puts less stress on the drawer box and cabinetry.
  • Contents Stay in Place: When you close drawers and cabinets, it can jostle and disorganize the contents due to the force and motion. With soft close, the possessions stay in place due to the smoother close.
  • They are Actually Closed: It is not uncommon for people to gently tab a door or drawer with intention to close it, only to come back to it later to find that it is still wide open. Drawers/doors that are slow closing will be left ajar much less often. A gentle push is all it takes to engage the mechanism which closes the drawer or cabinet the rest of the way.

Are you ready to install soft close drawers and cabinets in your home? Upgrading to soft close for drawers and doors around your Southern California home can help you rest easy, literally.

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